My feeling is beautiful and this indicates that the Tariq Al-Ali theater is a successful theater and stars come out to the artistic scene who lead the theatrical movement, because people say this is from Tariq Al-Ali’s sons, and on the contrary, I encourage him and stop with him whether he takes a starring role or a second role or becomes a new producer. I attend his play and congratulate him and congratulate him crew.

June 7, 202212:09 pm


Halo Bangkok is the beginning of Tariq Al-Ali’s beautiful debut as a theater for adults, Bassam’s play in Wadi Fish as a youth theater, and Weird and Weird as a children’s theater.

April 9, 20226:52 am


soon, God willing.

6:51 am


Our theater depends on the proposed work, the text, and the required caricatures. Accordingly, the appropriate characters for this work are selected and presented in a beautiful way.

6:50 am

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